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During our first year working with Orbit gum (Mars INC.) we have been in charge of communicating the new brand positioning from “Eat, drink & Chew” to “Time to Shine”, which emphasizes on  emotional messaging. To get there we created specific motivational content, which push our community to get the self-confidence while chewing a gum on different situations.

Due to the lack of specific communications material we restyled the brand key visuals on social media and positioned the brand with SEO oriented content in order to connect the brand with a wider target (not only in the field of health) We started working with Orbit on January 2017, and we restyled brand visuals with handcrafted stop motions and short video productions which help us to tell stories.


The challenge

To create a brand new universe.



Sentir que estás preparado para afrontar un nuevo reto es la mejor recompensa. 🎓 #PrepárateParaBrillar Chicles Orbit®

Una publicación compartida de Orbit® (@orbitspain) el


Estas vacaciones recuerda que Orbit será un buen compañero de viaje. ☀🎒 #OrbitGo #PrepárateParaBrillar Chicles Orbit®

Una publicación compartida de Orbit® (@orbitspain) el


Define a brand style that helps to communicate the new positioning (Time to Shine).






Client: Orbit (Mars)


Type of work: Social Media strategy

Digital Management: Marta B & Eli M

Production: Xabi G & Júlia R

Accountants: Dani A, Laia G & Judit A.

Art Directors:  Albert Coy


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