App & motion design

Albert Coy




Pick’n’roll is a mobile app designed for non-professional players and coaches in the field of basketball.


Gives to the user funcionalities which used to depend by the web format untill nowadays. With the app we gain practicity, optimize query time and give to the user the capacity of beeing linked to its federation and its team immediately. Smartphones give us the possibilities of giving to the user new functionalities that in terms of operativity, website formats lasts limited. Pick’n’roll makes the coach and also the player trace its own progress in a qualitative and quantitative way. Exploring the possibilities of a tracing digital system we propose the capacity of giving to the player a professional profile that share similar sportive capacities.

The aim is leading the player to develop a sport career more similar to the professional experience. With those capacities, the users could trace its personal goals and also preview upcoming situations having conditioned trainning sessions. The aim of Pick’n’roll is to be the wick for future apps, offering the possibility of being applied to other federation or referee profiles and also the possibility of implement the same system to other sports.


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