¿Fruto o Trato?

Art direction, Packaging, Social Media, Web & Mobile

¿Fruto o Trato?

¿Fruto o Trato? – ‘Fruit or Treat’

Skittles (fruit flavoured sweets), in Spain, is quite often confused with M&M’s (chocolate product) so Mars challenged us to increase brand awareness during its main campaigns (Halloween, Carnival, Pride and Christmas). The ignorance of the product in the Spanish market required a clear positioning of the brand.

We came up with ‘fruit based’ concepts that help us to clarify the brand for the potential consumers.

“What’s in the box?” prank developed for the integrated campaign (packaging, POS, website and social media content)

We created a platform for a photography contest in which each participant upload a photo of a fruit using the Halloween stickers we designed, that way the user creates content for the brand.

+570 Entries

Client: Skittles (Mars)
Campaign: Fruto o Trato (Halloween’17)
Creative Directors: Toni T & Miguel P
Digital Management: Marta B, Eli M & Pilar G
Internal prod.: Xabi G & Júlia R
Accountants: Dani A, Laia G & Judit A.
Production: Division Q
Microsite development: RSB Media
Art Directors: Gonzalo R & Albert Coy

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