Laura Muñoz Bravo

Art direction, Branding, Typography

Laura Muñoz Bravo

Laura is a Personal Trainer specialised in Biomedicine passionate about sport, science and surfing. Her professional goal is changing people’s everyday’s focussing on a health perspective through sport.

She spreads the fact that sport is a media to reach goals in life and that is also a healing/recovery activity. As a trainer specialised in Biomedicine, she has a disruptive method compared to other Personal Trainers, Laura puts scientific methodology as starting point on her training sessions. 

She chased me with the idea of running her own business, so I did a research on how to develop a strategic positioning that improves her perception in Social Media (specifically on Instagram). To do that, we started with a naming strategy to create hers own username. As a result of the research we found that the name itself has no identity (as it is a common name in latin-speaking markets).


The body allegory

The body is a whole unity composed by elements that interact to work as a single engine. Biomedicine is the branch that practice medicine through biology and physiology. This allegory pull altogether through typography to create strong messages in a plain language.

We came up with a username that defines her work and was not in use:

Why we’ve used the name as brand instead of ‘traininglab’?
The social media name was a result of a research in personal brand identities. Traininglab is a long-term strategic item we keep once we got enough awareness to define a non-personal focused brand. Then, we created an Instagram channel that works as a platform that centralise hers potential audiences. To do that, we defined the following strategy that has this identity as a result. The identity was developed defining an Art Direction style, the brand key visuals and the logo. In that case Laura Muñoz Bravo is the brand itself.

In order to launch the brand, we worked on some art stylings for photography (indoor, outdoor, epic shots and food content) defining an Art Direction brand book to make the brand stand out from other personal trainers. As colour is an important factor, we came up with a main bright colour that gives consistency to the storytelling and also allows us to use eye catchy colour palettes that stands out on SSMM. With this art direction file we give some guidelines for the brand to develop itself with less investment on production in this initial phase (awareness – current state).

The main challenge was to develop a personal brand that allows her to set her own gym/business in long-term, that’s why we decided to go with a personal brand that can be migrated to a huger scope in the future (using the traininglab positioning), making Instagram more ‘instant’ and less full of graphics.

The strategy consisted in focussing the first 3 months in the personal trainer, and then, start adding some more branded pieces and introducing the clients in the Instagram feed to make it more engaging. The result was a personal brand that tell stories through an urban and also premium font.

A entire family of CGI backgrounds was developed for communication purposes, 3 set of backgrounds were defined for different uses: Perspective, Single and Pattern. Perspective, for Social Media carousels (with an alternative set with secondary colours). Single, to work as dividers on presentations and print. Pattern, to work as opener and closing on print, presentations and Social Media specific posts (quotes, news, etc).

As a result I came up with a typographic brand identity that morphs, animates, and communicates the body allegory. Though a stencil typeface I developed a dynamic system that allow us to be playful and engaging. The stencil becomes a brand’s system that allows to create playful solutions such as face filters, SSMM stickers, pictograms, illustrations, animations and other collaterals that work as client rewards.

A typographic work focused on developing a “Social Media First” brand. Logos make no sense anymore, so I wanted to build a brand centred identity, focusing on the real core of the brand (the personal trainer). 

The logo works as a piece in motion that builds and deconstruct itself creating a DNA wave effect, having a direct allegory to the distinctive potential of the brand (specialised in biomedicine). The fact of deconstructing in pieces also her work, which focus on individual pieces that are part of a whole thing, the body.

Client: Laura Muñoz Bravo
Year: 2019 ongoing
Brand Identity, Art Direction & Motion graphics: Albert Coy
Brand Strategy: Alberto Bañón
Photography: Alberto Bañón & Albert Coy
Type of work: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Social Media content
-Finalist – Major Designer – The Majors 2019 (Major Players & The Drum) 

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