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Nekane’s Art Filter

Nekane is a feminist papercraft artist she defines her art as a way to paint and draw with paper. In order to grow her community engagement on Instagram I designed a face filter based on her art. Paying attention on the handmade factor was something crucial, as the result needed to look like if it was one of her pieces without looking digitalised.

This filter mixes 3D elements with 2D, those were draw and imported from 2d softwares that allowed me to reach that paper cut look (as imitates the imperfections of a handmade cut).

Play around with it on her Instagram account @nek.ane


*Colours of the animated gif might not match due to image compression

Laura Muñoz Bravo Personal Trainer

Laura wanted to create a relevant content for the Breast Cancer Day, so we decided to design a mask to claim awareness for all the warriors that faced the disease. We came up with a face-mask filter based on the māori tribal tattoos using the assets of the brand, and we called it ‘Warrior’.

Try it on on her Instagram account @laura.traininglab

See full project here.

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