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FCB Player Kit Pack

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Discover the premium packaging we created for FC Barcelona on 2014, for the 2015-16 soccer season. Premium Home and away jersey packaging.

Limited edition packaging for the Authentic Home Match Jersey for the season 2014/15.

Premium product on sale at few selected stores of Spain, USA and Japan.  The packaging had to transmit the elegance and values of the Club. Its shape makes the customer experience a ritualesque habit when reaching the jersey for its use when the competition comes.
We wanted people to fell in love with the pack from first sight though a pack that contains the emotion of upcoming victories. That’s why we developed a perfume inspired box that allows the user to ‘unleash the power’ of the jersey while unpacking. The main objective was to experience the pre-match sensation creating a ritual for the customer.

After the results with the first kit pack, FC Barcelona asked us to develop the third (flash) kit pack version.

Client: FC Barcelona

Design Studio: Oxigen

Packaging design: Albert Coy

Photography: Marçal Vaquer

Season: 2014/15

Press & Media:

VISUAL Magazine de diseño, creatividad gráfica y comunicación #169

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