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Hello there!
I'm Albert Coy,
a Freelance
Brand Identity Designer
from Badalona
with $#¡tloads of experience in Sports and FMCG.

Passion and curiosity brought me from Barcelona to London, and now I am looking to continue collaborating with the best talent.
From a social media post to an entire brand identity, you can always find me doing what I really like, Graphic Design.

Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design
Art Direction
Icon Design
Motion Design
Social Media Design
Digital Design

Selected brands

In my career I have worked for well-respected brands that gave me the chance to explore the possibilities of creativity within very varied ranges of budget and timmings.


If you are reading this...
Congratulations! you are curious enough to find out every single detail about me. Below, you'll find some highlights of my graphic design career. Fortunately, even not being an award-winning designer I feel rewarded by the fact that I keep working hard with the agencies and brands that trust me.