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FCBQ Centennial in Motion

BrandingMotion Graphics
Branding in Motion for the Centennial Anniversary of the Catalan Basketball's Federation

A 100 years enjoying Catalan Basketball

The Catalan Basketball's Federation chased me to bring the logo of the Centenary to life. This logo, made in-house, was developed with many elements that appear in an specific order to tell a story. In this case, I also animated a brief amount of images to explain where the logo comes from and why hands are key on the initial jump.

A final countdown

The brand has its own tone and visual guidelines, so with this asset I also created a chyron aligned with the Centenary visual identity. This id was clean an simple to not to overwhelm the audience with a radically different brand and so are the chyrons that where supplied to the production company who had to assemble this with tones of footage easily.

Type of work: Motion Graphics

Client: FCBQ

Year: 2022

Art Direction: Aniol A. (FCBQ)

Animation: Albert Coy